April 15, 2024

Installation of Ocukuru Ogora clan leader suspended  

By Denis Okello (denis.okello@vol.co.ug)


Leaders of Ocukuru Ogora clan have suspended the planned installation of the newly elected clan head to replace Mzee Joseph Apel.

The suspension is to allow room to resolve disagreement that arose after Francis Abaca was declared as the newly elected clan head, after beating Jerom Angena in the election of Ocukuru Ogora clan leader.

Bernard Benson Odongo the clan chief of Ocukuru Ogora who was appointed by the outgoing clan leader, Joseph Apel to mediate the two parties said that after the election of the clan leader, the clan electoral commission chairman Alyau James did not include votes from Oyam, Chegere, Ibuje, Pader, Kole South and North, Oyam South and North among others which did not go down well with Jerome Angena who insisted that he had won this election..

Odongo said Mzee Joseph Apel has for long been trying to mediate the two contenders in vain.

Odongo said this prompted 13 clan chiefs of Ocukuru Ogora to convene a meeting in Chegere where it was resolved that both Tekwaro Lango led by Eng. Dr. Michael Moses Odongo Okune and Lango cultural foundation led by Yosam Odur Ebii should not proceed with the installation of the new clan leader slated for 30/7/2022.

Mzee Benjamin Acur the clan chief of Ocukuru Ogora in charge Otuke, Pader, and Agago suggests that the election of the new clan head should be cancelled and another one organized to mitigate possibility of splitting up the clan.

Dr Jasper Nek the speaker of Ocukuru Ogora confirmed that they resolved to suspend the installation of Abaca as the new clan leader of Ocukuru Ogora.

Nek also warned people against using the names of the Bishop emeritus of West Lango diocese Rev. Alfred Acur Okodi and northern Uganda youth MP Boniface Okot as people who in support of the installation of Abaca, whereas they are not.

Effort to speak to the electoral commission chairman of Ocukuru Ogora clan, James Alyau was not possible by press time as his phone was switched off.