February 27, 2024

Over 40 Karamojongs who sought food in Otuke district returned back home

By Denis Okello (denis.okello@vol.co.ug)


Otuke district leaders yesterday returned back to Kotido district a group of Karamojongs who had migrated to Okwongo town council in Otuke district in search for food following biting hunger in Karamoja region.

Last week, over 40 Karamojongs composed of mostly women and children arrived in Okwongo town council and asked for shelter and casual jobs to earn a living and feed themselves.

Yesterday, Otuke district chairman Francis Abola, together with Okwongo town council chairman Olwit John Bosco Dagama and other leaders returned the Karamojongs to Kotido district where they came from.

Abola said they coordinated with other Karamoja leaders who were notified to receive the Karamojongs.

Paul Omara the MP for Otuke County said he met some MPs from Karamoja who assured him that these Karamojongs would be given relief food.

Recently government set aside 135 billion shillings to procure relief food for people of Karamoja who are faced with acute hunger.