June 18, 2024

By Denis Okello (denis.okello@vol.co.ug)


The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Rt Hon.Thomas Tayebwa has this morning pledged to accord the newly appointed Government Chief Whip Hon. Hamson Obua support in all his work so that he ably delivers on his mandate.

In his remarks made today as he handed over the Office of the Government Chief Whip to Hon. Obua, the deputy speaker expressed his confidence in his leadership which will ably enable government to deliver on it’s mandate

“We are going to give you all the support,” Hon Tayebwa pledged.

He added: “you must also use your own style and that is what makes you shine.”

The Deputy Speaker urged Mr Obua to pay keen attention to the particular concerns of the various MPs and Ministers he is expected to whip to ardently attend Parliamentary proceedings.

In the same vein, the Prime Minister Robbinah Nabbanja expressed confidence about the incoming Government chief Whip stating that Mr Obua’s team has the ability to perform on the new role he now shoulders.

“It is my absolute belief and conviction that they are a formidable team that is ready to drive the government legislative agenda in Parliament to another level,” Mrs Nabbanja said.

In addition to the support pledged by the Deputy Speaker, the Prime Minister Nabbanja also notified that her office would avail the necessary support that will enable government realize their set targets.

Already government is expected to take lead in the processing of the 62 Bills that President Museveni outlined during the State of the Nation Address delivered at Kololo over a month ago.

As he took over the mantle, Obua vowed that he would institute and lead a result-oriented team.

“If you have been jogging, it is time for you to start running. If you have been running, it is time for you to start sprinting. I will never ever compromise. Let’s accept to work within my speed” Mr Obua demanded of his team.

He added: “I will not allow anyone to push me to a side I don’t belong.”

The office of the Government Chief whip was vacant after Rt. Hon. Thomas Tayebwa was elected as the Deputy Speaker to replace Rt Hon. Anita Among who has since been elected as Speaker of Parliament.