June 18, 2024

MP Achon, Otuke RDC embroiled in feud

By Denis Okello (denis.okello@vol.co.ug)


Otuke East MP Julius Achon is embroiled in a feud with Otuke Resident District Commissioner Gillian Akullu whom he accuses of demobilizing NRM supporters in the district.

This comes after RDC Gillian Akullu claimed that Achon sent her a message on her phone, making 13 accusations against her and has demanded to meet her over the same.

Gillian Akullu said that among the accusations that Achon has levied against her include; her refusal to support and mobilize support for the NRM party, an accusation that Achon claims has been made by NRM chairpersons of the 10 Sub Counties in the district, failure to convene meetings to address different issues arising in the district, ordering destruction of rice that had been cultivated in wetlands, refusal to meet people whose shops are located on contested land at Orum health center IV among others.

Gillian Akullu attributed Achon’s action to the fact that he wants her to help a group of five people who campaigned for him in the last election to get compensation among people whose land will be affected by the construction of Otuke-Abim-Kotido road.

Gillian Akullu said the five people are already embroiled in a wangle over Orum health center IV land, adding that she will not allow the land to be grabbed since all documents indicate that it belongs to the district.

Akullo further claimed that Achon is trying to drive her into a political war between the three MPs of Otuke. She said that Achon has been preventing her from attending functions convened by Otuke county MP Paul Omara

However, MP Achon Julius said that his message to RDC Gillian Akullu was the concern of the locals of the district that needs to be addressed.

Achon also acknowledged that some people have constructed buildings on the land belonging to Orum HCIV and he was trying to ask for more time for them to shift as opposed to being forcefully evicted.