June 18, 2024

Health experts advise women against tight clothing

By Denis Okello (denis.okello@vol.co.ug)


Health experts have attributed the rampant cases of candida among women on wearing of tight clothes, especially bikers.

Speaking to Voice of Lango FM, Dr. Drake Adupa a senior consultant obstetrician, Gynecologist and proprietor of Down Town Clinic, Lira city said the bikers which are in most cases not made of cotton have low ability of allowing free air circulation and provides a fertile ground for bacteria, candida albicans to thrive.

Adupa advises women to only wear the bikers for a short period of time like during sports activities and when moving to high risk places to protect them from wrong doers especially rapists.

He also asked them to opt for petty coats instead of the bikers.

Lapat Geoffrey the in charge reproductive health Uganda, Lira branch said candida is a normal flora but can become pathogenic (harmful) when they multiply in large numbers.

Lapat also discouraged women from using medicated soap and perfumes on their private parts and to bathe at least twice a day to reduce the risk of developing candida.