April 15, 2024

Former Deputy IGP calls for strengthening of security intelligence over rising cases of gun robbery

By Denis Okello (denis.okello@vol.co.ug)


Former deputy Inspector General of Police, Julius Peter Odwe has asked government to compel resident district commissioners and other security organs to strengthen grassroots intelligence to identify reasons behind rising cases of gun robbery.

Odwe said the increasing cases of gun robbery and killing of security personnel at security installations should be an eye opener to government to fortify intelligence to curb the vice.

He also said government should build the capacity of security personnel to conduct intelligence at this crucial time.

He said the RDC’s, DPC’s, among others should work with locals to identify suspected criminals behind the gun robbery.

Peace Opollo, a security expert in Lango attributed the rising cases of gun robbery to dissatisfaction of a section of the populace on how the country is being governed which has forced them to turn their anger on security personnel.

Opollo said there is need for security personnel to strengthen vigilance to weed out the criminals killing them to rob off their guns.

He said some politicians who are aggrieved by their loss in elections could also be behind the gun robberies to support them in government takeover.

Last month, unknown people raided Busiika police station in Luwero district and shot dead two police officers and injured others.

Some unknown persons also raided a check point near Gaddafi barracks in Jinja and shot dead a UPDF soldier identified as Eyamu Simon Peter and took his gun.

The Uganda People’s defense forces Brig. Felix Kulaigye yesterday said some unknown assailants also attacked UPDF officers on patrol in Kikondo, Kapeka town council and killed a soldier identified as Tufeyo Obed.

He warned that the UPDF has launched an onslaught on assailants who have made it a habit to attack security personnel to ensure they lose the appetite for guns.

In the period since July, unknown assailants have attacked security personnel in various parts of the country either killing or injuring them and robbing their guns to the tune of 13 rifles.

According to the UPDF spokesperson, the criminals who attempt to attack security forces will be met with lethal action.