June 18, 2024

New Lango Cultural Foundation constitution sets 60 years age requirement for paramount chiefs

By Isaac Okello (isaac.okello@vol.co.ug)


A new constitution of Lango Cultural Foundation which was launched on the 23rd-11-2022 stipulates that a person intending to contest for position of the paramount chief must be aged 60 years and resign by 80 years.

The constitution was unveiled before journalists and ministers of Lango Cultural Foundation at Lango Cultural Center.

The chairperson constitution review committee of Lango Cultural Center also the clan leader of Otengoro Olang Daniel Omara Atubu said the constitution will require cultural leaders to elect the paramount chief instead of using adult suffrage system of election.

He said the electoral commission o fLango Cultural Foundation will spearhead the election of the paramount chief.

Omara Atubo said the office of the paramount chief will fall vacant in case of death or resignation.

He revealed the new constitution will be scrutinized by the public for guidance for a period of two weeks.

Prime Minister of Lango Cultural Foundation, James Robert Ajal said the new constitution has come at the right time.