June 18, 2024

Police investigates alleged murder by own

By Denish Ongora (denish.ongora@vol.co.ug)


Police in Lira are investigating an allegation that one of their officers shot one person dead in Itek, Lira district.

According to reports from locals in the area, the deceased identified as Patrick Ango has been accused of theft and on the fateful day he had gone to the home of one Okwir Aduca, he was accused of stealing un specified amount of money. Following the allegation, a mob fell on him prompting a distress call to police from Akia outpost in Lira city to rescue him from the mob around 11 am in the morning.

However, the mob reportedly turned violent and started attacking police officers hence forcing them to fire live ammunition in the air to quell the situation but in the process, a stray bullet hit one Safia Akongo, 48, killing her instantly.

The police officer who is accused of shooting Akongo escaped the scene on a Senke motorcycle registration number UDD 086 L but locals pursued him forcing him to abandone the motorcycle that was set ablaze by the irate mob.

The LCIII Chairperson of Itek sub county, Bonny Ongura confirmed the incident but blamed it on the mob that attacked the police officers that had gone to rescue Ango.

North Kyoga Police Spokesperson, SP Jimmy Patrick Okema accused the locals of pelting the police officers with stones that led to the nasty incident.

He said the police officer who is accused of shooting Akongo is in police custody to help in investigating the matter.

Okema warned the community against acts of lawlessness.