March 4, 2024

Lira City Land Board to begin operations

By Voice of Lango editorial ( 


Leaders of Lira City Land Board Yesterday met officials from Lira Zonal Land Office to discuss how the land board will begin operations.

The meeting highlighted the mode of operation of Lira city Land Board, how land matters will be handled and inspection of Lira City Land Board offices to check preparedness to start operations.

Lira City Land Board Chairperson Joel Milton Aliro Omara said the meeting was to enable them request the Zonal land office and ministry of lands to inspect their premises and allow them to start operations and to discuss the recent arrest of their members that saw some land files misplaced

Aliro Omara said they will start operations once their offices have been inspected much as the area land committees of the two divisions of Lira city have not been yet instituted.

Principal Assistant Secretary, Lira zonal land office Julius Peter Okae said they have equipped Lira City Land Board with work tools and Ministry of lands has promised to inspect Lira City land offices to flag off their operations.

Lira city Land Board has not been in operation since its inception in March last year due to lack of certain requirements for its operations.