March 4, 2024

41% resolutions implemented after death of former speaker says Bongowat

By Denish Ongora (


Five out of 12 resolutions that were made at a joint northern Uganda regional council meeting held to pay tribute to the late former speaker, Jacob Oulanyah have so far been implemented.

Speaking to Voice of Lango, the speaker of Omoro district Bongowat Richard Luganyawho chaired the joint northern Uganda regional council meeting at the home of the late Jacob Oulanyah in Omoro district said most of the resolutions made at the meeting are yet to be effected.

Some of the resolutions under implementation include; tarmacking of Omoro to Moroto road which has been inspected by officials from ministry of works and transport, establishment of a radio station which process is ongoing and naming roads after Jacob Oulanyah in some districts.

Bongowat said Jacob Oulanyah Education Trust Fund is also being implemented which is headed by chief Justice Owiny Dollo.

He said parliament is also yet to approve an official photograph of Oulanyah to be placed in public offices among others.

Yesterday, parliament held special service prayers in remembrance of the late Jacob Oulanyah at Parliament.

The government chief whip Denis Hamson Obua hailed Oulanyah for his contribution to the restoration of peace in northern Uganda.

Parliament however approved 20thMarch Oulanyah as a day to remember Jacob Oulanyah.