June 18, 2024

Angry wives follow up husbands at hideouts

A snippet of Apac district map

By Voice of Lango Editorial (editor@vol.co.ug)  


Residents of Acholi Inn Landing Site, Akokoro Sub County, Apac District were on Saturday morning treated to free drama after three women followed up their husbands who had disappeared from home and had eloped with other women at the landing site to take them back home.

The women who are from Abudama, Kungu Parish, Akokoro Sub County went to pick up their husbands to return them back home after they had been away from home for the past three months.

Yeko Odongo, a resident of the area said the women turned violent in the pursuit of reclaiming their husbands from their lovers.

Keny Bombastic another local resident said the women claimed that their husbands had abandoned their responsibilities and eloped with women who deal in fish business at the landing site.

Patrick Akuguzibwe, the LC1 chairman of Acholi Inn Landing Site confirmed to Voice of Lango that most men have abandoned their families to have a “good time” at the landing site.