June 18, 2024

Bishop Kami ‘over throws’ Ogora clan head

Bishop emeritus of diocese of Lango- John Charles Odur Kami

By Denis Okello (denis.okello@vol.co.ug)


The outgoing clan leader of Ogora Alfred Omara Olyel has warned the Bishop emeritus of diocese of Lango John Charles Odur Kami from moving around with claims that he is the incoming clan head of Ogora as the clan prepares to hold elections for the new clan leader.

Omara Olyel made the remarks in a press briefing held in Lira city yesterday following his arrest on Saturday at a clan meeting they had organized in Anai, Lira city West division, which he said was orchestrated by Bishop John Charles Odur Kami.

He said another meeting was held on Friday at Lango cultural center where Bishop Odur Kami allegedly declared himself as Ogora clan head in waiting.

Omara Olyel said the clan had appointed Rev. David Nelson Okello Ocen who is also the clan deputy Prime Minister and minister of justice to spearhead the electoral process that runs from this month to early next year.

Omara Olyel said after his release from police custody on Saturday, he sacked Bishop Odur Kami as an advisor in the office of the clan head of Ogora.

Omara Olyel also appointed George Ongom Dokolo as the speaker of the clan electoral commission to consult Lango paramount chief Yosam Odur about claims that Bishop Odur Kami has been tipped by the former to take over leadership from the wonyaci of Lango.

He claimed that Bishop Kami sacked Rev. George Okeng of Arak Ocorolongo clan from church leadership in the past and was moving with the same motive in the cultural institution.

Rev. David Nelson Okello Ocen said they will not entertain meetings being organized in the clan by some people illegally.

George Ongom the speaker of the clan electoral commission said they have already appointed the clan electoral commission spearheaded by Otucu Godfrey Maxwell.

However, Bishop Kami accused some people of trying to privatize the clan yet their tenure has ended and new elections are supposed to be held.

Odur Kami acknowledged that he had only appointed himself as interim clan leader of Ogora and wants a meeting to be held on 9/9/2023 to install the clan head by the electoral commission to spearhead the election of the new clan head, after which his duty would end.