June 18, 2024

Future of newly elected FDC leaders hang in balance

Swearing in of Lango FDC party leaders at Apostolic social center -Lira on the 30th/08/2023

By Denish Ongora (denish.ongora@vol.co.ug)

The future of the recently elected leaders of the Forum for Democratic Change -FDC hangs in balance as the party top leadership contemplates on whether to uphold their elections or organize fresh elections following complaints of electoral malpractice.

One of the members of the party’s electoral commission Bonny Otyama Ogongson said they registered complaints of voter bribery among other electoral irregularities in the party internal elections held in different districts across the country.

Otyama said the party chairman has consequently convened a meeting on 19th/09/2023 to confirm whether or not the recent election will be upheld.

He said if the election is to be cancelled, it means the outgoing leaders will be allowed to serve for more two years as the party prepares to organize fresh elections.

Otyama who has been replaced by Joel Okao Otema as the party chairperson for Lira district said it was only Lango sub region that held flawless election but was quick to add that it remains to be upheld by the party’s top leadership

 The party’s director legal affairs Julius Galisonga said on 30/08/2023 at the swearing in of the party leaders in Lango at Apostolic Social Centre- Lira city that all districts should hold internal elections ahead of the delegates’ conference.

FDC party disciplinary committee chairman James Otto Apili said they will ensure elections are held in all remaining districts and areas where irregularities were cited.