April 15, 2024

Locals accuse NFA of grabbing land in Lira

By Voice of Lango Editorial (editor@vol.co.ug) 


Locals of Ongica (B), Anai ward in Lira city west division have questioned the criteria National Forestry Authority used to demarcate Te-ilwa forestry reserve

Locals believe that National Forestry Authority is aiming to grab their land as Te-ilwa forest reserve was allegedly gazetted when they had already settled in the area

One of the locals Collins Margret Oyuku told Voice of Lango FM that her great grandparents settled on the land in 1926 which makes no sense for the land to have been gazetted in 1965 as alleged by National Forestry Authority

Another local, Moses Ayo said they have filed a law suit against National Forestry Authority since there is nowhere else they can relocate to in case they are unlawfully evicted

A lawyer representing the locals Emmanuel Egaro of Egaro and company advocates told Voice of Lango FM that there is no document presented by National Forestry Authority before court that proves that Te-ilwa forest reserve was gazetted in 1965 as a forest reserve

East Lango National Forestry Authority sector manager Gracious Aguti disputed Egaro’s claim confirming to Voice of Lango that all documents that prove that Te-ilwa is a forest reserve is before court