July 21, 2024

Dokolo man nursing injuries after being battered by police

By Voice of Lango Editorial (editor@vol.co.ug)


A local resident of Amwoma Sub County is nursing injuries he sustained after he was reportedly assaulted by a police officer of Amwoma police station, Dokolo District in a struggle for a woman.

Lawrence Okello a local of Eduny, Amwoma Parish, Amwoma Sub County said he is undergoing treatment at Amwoma HC III after a police officer of Amwoma police station identified as Ekol Emmanuel fought him at Amwoma trading center on allegation that Okello had an affair with a woman Ekol was in love with.

Okello said Ekol hit him with a brick and undressed him, leaving him with serious pain in the chest and other parts of the body.

Okello said he reported the matter to Dokolo Central Police Station as he continues to get treatment at Amwoma HC III.

Joel Obonyo the LC2 chairman of Amwoma parish said Ekol had for long been known for engaging in fights while drunk.

Obonyo said Ekol has so far fought five locals within a short period of time and broke the arm of one of them.

He said they have been reporting Ekol  to police at Dokolo Central Police Station but no action has been taken against him.

Barbra Akec the RDC of Dokolo said she will follow up the matter to the last dot for justice to prevail.

A case of assault has been opened at Dokolo Central Police Station under vide SD ref number 15/19/11/2023.