April 15, 2024

Drama as mourners struggle for burial offertory in Kole

By Voice of Lango Editorial (editor@vol.co.ug) 


There was drama witnessed yesterday in Alip village, Okwor parish, Ayer Sub County, Kole district as chaos broke among mourners in a struggle for offertory collected at the burial of Lira based blocker.

Funeral for Ogwal Solomon went on smoothly but ugly scenes were witnessed  during offertory time when most mourners realized they had offered their money during the first phase of offertory which is usually collected by the catholic church, that is conducting burial.

Upon realizing that the money they offered would be taken by the church, the mourners and Ogwal’s family members turned chaotic and accused the catechist of St Peter Clever, Samuel Stella Okello of failing to explain to mourners about the tradition of offertory during funerals conducted by the Catholic Church.

This deteriorated into serious struggle for the money between mourners, the family of the late Ogwal and the catechist.

The female councilor of Ayer Sub County and Ayer Town Council Sharon Lamunu tried to intervene and advised that the money should be split into two for both the family of Ogwal and the church.

However, this did not go down well with the catechist of St Peter Clever, Samuel Stella Okello who abandoned the money and stormed out of the burial in anger.

The funeral was later taken over by the catechist of St. Phillips Okwor, Okello Denis who was in attendance.

 The Sub Clan chief of Arakoyakori, Alobo Felix apologized over the mess and asked the family of Ogwal to divide the money with the catechist of St Peter Clever, Samuel Stella Okello.

Alobo asked religious leaders to explain to mourners how offertory is conducted during burials to avoid such scenario in future.