June 18, 2024

How Lango districts performed in 2023 service delivery report


By Denis OKello and Bonny Otim Ogwal(editor@vol.co.ug)

Lira City

Apac Municipal Council has emerged as the best performed administrative unit amongst the districts and municipalities in Lango in the service delivery to the citizens according to the 2023 performance report released by the Office of the Prime Minister.

The key assessment areas for performance indicators included: education, water and environment, financial management and microscale.

Nationally, Isingiro district was named the best performed district with score marks of 93 while Namisindwa was the worst performed district at number 176 with score marks of 18.

Arua City, Fortportal City, Butelaja and Busia trailed while Ibanda, Mubende Municipal Council and Kiruhura are amongst the top best performed districts in the country.

In northern Uganda and Lango, Apac Municipal Council emerged as the best performed district at number one and at number 6 nationally with 86%.

Kwania District is ranked at number two in Lango while standing at number 18 in Uganda with 78%. Lira City is at number 3 in Lango with 55% while standing at number 91 in the country.

At number four in Lango is Oyam district with 53 percent while at number 100 nationally.

Others are Lira District scored 48%, Otuke 48% and Apac District 47%.

Those at the bottom are Dokolo which is the worst performed district in Lango at number 155 nationally with 39%, Alebtong District the second worst performed district in Lango with 41% while being positioned at number 149 nationally.

Speaking to Voice of Lango FM after the release of the service delivery performance results Wednesday morning, Andrew Moses Awany the Vice president of Uganda local government also the Chairperson LCV of Kole District attributed the poor performance of northern Uganda districts to low funding and under staffing that has affected implementation of service deliveries.

Awany however asked the leaders of the poorly performed districts to ascertain the challenges they faced in order to come up with improvement plans.

The Mayor of Apac Municipal Council Patrick Ongom Eyul says they performed well because of the cordial and team working relationship between the political leaders and civil servants.

Ongom says, they want Apac to become number one in the whole country in the next assessment and a model Municipality in Uganda in the next few years.

Local Government Management of Service Delivery performance Assessment 2023
DistrictRanked Position in LangoRanked Position in UgandaOverall Score Marks
Apac Municipal Council1686
Kwania District21878
Lira City39155
Oyam District410053
Lira District512148
Otuke District612148
Apac District712747
Amolatar District813246
Kole District913745
Alebtong District1014941
Dokolo District1115539

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  1. Comrades well done.
    I see sense in the comments attributed by the mayor Apac municipality and the LCV chairman Kole district .
    I would therefore advise that as journalists of Lango, you take it up and expound on it to better serve delivering in Lango.
    Thank you.

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