July 21, 2024

Over 200 Kwania District staff defy transfer


By Joshua Olomo (editorial@vol.co.ug)


At least 217 staff of Kwania district local government have defied authorities and rejected to move to their new work stations.

 Recently, Kwania district transferred 217 civil servants who include 22 in administration department, 13 head teachers, 26 deputy head teachers, 120 teachers and 36 health workers. 

However, most of the civil servants have reportedly rejected their transfer, especially those moved to areas along the landing sites.

One of the teachers who pleaded for anonymity said living along the landing site is difficult since they will not be able to plant crops and worst of it all purchasing food staff in the market is very expensive, yet they depend on farming to supplement their salaries.

Thomas Aloka a teacher from one of the schools along the landing site said they face several challenges in these areas.

Aloka said they should be considered as people working in hard to reach areas who deserve affirmative action.

Christopher Oguta, principal Human Resource Officer of Kwania said the transfers were meant to improve equitable and effective delivery of services.

Joan Nighty Abutu the secretary for education and health of Kwania district said they will write to the DEO to request rewards and sanctions committee of the district service commission take disciplinary measures taken against these teachers who have rejected their transfer.

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