April 15, 2024

Alyek re-elected chairperson LPG

Denis Okello (denis.okello@vol.co.ug)


Lango parliamentary group body yesterday re-elected Woman MP Kole, Judith Alyek as their chairperson

Under their umbrella, they held an election of new leaders who will work for two and half years.

Kyoga County MP Moses Okot Bitek while issuing a statement tasked new leaders of Lango parliamentary group to focus on development of Lango agenda.

Apart from Nelson Okello Lemba, the MP for Maruzi North is the only new face, replacing Okot Bitek as vice chairperson while the rest of the old leaders retained their seats.

Okot Bitek asked the new leaders of LPG to promote the agenda of Lango to develop the region as opposed to focusing on the agenda of political parties.

He also asked the new leaders to remain focused and avoid being bought off while advocating for issues concerning Lango.

Kole woman MP Judith Alek, retained her seat as LGP chairperson, Opio Acuti of Kole North as general secretary, Auma Linda, Lira district woman MP, as spokesperson while Julius Acon of Otuke East retained his seat as treasurer.