July 21, 2024

Lira state prosecutor on spot for soliciting funds to support his planned enthronment against clan’s legimate leader

By Isaac Okello (isaac.okello@vol.co.ug)


The clan leader of Ocukuro Ogora Francis Abaca has called for the arrest of Lira state prosecutor, Jerome Angena for allegedly soliciting for funds from clan members to support his enthronement as the clan leader of Ocukuro Ogora.

Abaca made the call yesterday while meeting his clan members in Aloi Sub County, Alebtong district.

Abaca said he won the clan election having garnered 1,500 votes, beating Jerom Angena who got only about 800 votes.

Abaca claims that Angena is soliciting for cash, goats, and cows among others for his planned enthronement on 28 September 2022.

He warned his clan members not to contribute any money for Angena’s enthronement.

Abaca also appointed clan chiefs and sub-clan chiefs for Moroto County.

The newly appointed clan chiefs asked the clan head, Abaca to work to unite the clan.

Among the clan chiefs appointed were; Obote Caxton, Odyek Jimmy, Onapa Alex, Ongora Patrick among others.

Effort to speak to Jerom Angena over the matter was futile since his phone was switched off by press time.