July 21, 2024

Lango registers highest cases of sickle cell disease

By Denis Okello (denis.okello@vol.co.ug)


Lango has the highest cases of sickle cell disease in Uganda.

Executive Director of Uganda sickle cell rescue foundation Daniel Roy Odur said their survey has revealed that Lango sub-region has the highest sickle cell burden among all regions across the country.

Nationally, Odur Roy, said 25,000 children are born with sickle cell annually of which 80% die before their 5th birthday.

Odur said in Lango, Alebtong district leads with most cases of sickle cell, standing at 23% against 17% national average.

He rallied cultural, religious leaders to mobilize young people to embrace genetic compatibility tests before marriage as a measure to reduce the number of children born with sickle cell.

Uganda sickle cell rescue foundation has set 28/9/2023 to conduct mass sensitization on sickle cell disease and distribution of free sickle cell drugs at the Mayor’s garden, in Lira city.

Recently, the paramount chief of tekwaro Lango Eng.  Dr. Michael Moses Odongo Okune while speaking at the institution council meeting tasked clan leaders to mobilize people to do couple testing for genetic compatibility to fight sickle cell disease.