April 15, 2024

By Voice of Lango Editorial (editor@vol.co.ug)


Some of the Emyooga SAACOs in Otuke District are already reaping huge profits, just a year after the institution of the project.

One of these SAACOs is Otuke East Boda-boda Sacco according to the Micro Finance Support Center that is financing Emyooga SAACOs.

Samuel Onyang the chairperson of Otuke East Boda-boda SACCO, said that from the 30 million seed capital they received from government, they have so far saved 50 million shillings.

Ray Agong a member of the SACCO said he borrowed 1.5 shillings which he invested in goat business and he has so far raised 7 million shillings.

Daniel Obol, the general secretary of Otuke East Boda-boda SACCO attributed their success to proper record keeping and accountability.

Otuke District Commercial Officer, Charles Opio said that out of the 36 SACCOs in the district, most of them are doing well but decried interference by some politicians in the activities of these SACCOs.

John Basalirwa, the deputy RDC of Otuke said they plan to sensitize the Emyooga beneficiaries on utilization of the funds to improve their lives.