July 21, 2024

Planned merging of Lango cultural institution constitution remains in stalemate

By Denis Okello (denis.okello@vol.co.ug)


The clan leader of Abwori Col. Rtd. Tony Otoa has observed that a proposal by Lango cultural foundation to merge their constitution with Tekwaro Lango may not bear fruits given the history of failed mediation processes between the two factions in the past.

Last week a cabinet meeting of Lango cultural foundation reportedly resolved that Lango cultural foundation led by Yosam Odur will merge their constitution with that of Tekwaro Lango led by Eng. Dr. Michael Moses Odongo Okune.

The prime minister of Lango cultural foundation, James Ajal declined to comment on the matter but said the meeting discussed a number of issues that will soon be communicated to journalists in a press conference.

In a press conference yesterday, Tony Otoa said the constitution that is being used by Lango cultural foundation that was formulated in 2003 was quashed by former Lira resident judge Simon Byabakama Mugenyi after Francis Ogema Awany ran to court to challenge the same. Otoa said merging the constitution of the two cultural institutions might not also work since efforts by elders, religious leaders and Johnson Ochola among others failed because Mzee Yosam Odur’s faction does not respect resolutions from mediation.