June 18, 2024

Police investigating company over alleged trafficking of 70 youths from Alebtong, Otuke

By Denis Okello (denis.okello@vol.co.ug)


Police is investigating a company that was found ferrying 70 youths from Alebtong and Otuke districts to take them for casual work.

Police arrested the youth on Obote Avenue after the vehicle they were travelling in broke down at Rubbis filling station.

Otuke Resident district commissioner Gillian Akullu said they got reports about a vehicle that was ferrying a group of youths from Otuke and Alebtong district to offer casual labor.

Akullu said police from Lira central police station is still investigating the company and their motive.

Alebtong resident district commissioner Adiama John Robert Ekaju said the company that was ferrying the youths had not got permission from the district authority as required.

Adiama added that police is investigating the company since it is illegal to traffic people.

Otuke LCV chairman Francis Abola warned youths against migrating to other areas to offer casual labor without the knowledge of relevant authorities, since it may become difficult to support them in case of any challenge they may face.

He said the district will not transport back any youth who leaves for causal work without their knowledge and gets into problems at their place of work.

However, Lira City Internal Security Officer Enock Mukwaya directed police from Lira Central Police station to transport the youths back to their respective homes.

Mukwaya asked the youth to embrace agriculture to improve their lives as opposed to casual labor.

Lira District Labour Officer Tom Oguta said the company that was ferrying the youth to work at Kinyara sugar works plantation in Masindi district did not follow legal procedures.