July 21, 2024

Kole district leaders to request president to allow locals cultivate wetlands

By Ongora Denish (denish.ongora@vol.co.ug)


Kole district leaders are contemplating requesting president Museveni to allow locals cultivate wetlands.

Kole district chairman Andrew Moses Awany said the ban on wetland cultivation is being implemented discriminatively, citing districts of Lyantonde and Kabale where he says wetlands are being encroached with impunity for cultivation and animal grazing.

Addressing leaders of cooperative societies in Kole yesterday, Awany said he will take some councilors, civil servants and LC3 chairpersons to witness cases of wetland encroachment in some areas of eastern and western Uganda.

Awany said he will also write to the president to allow locals cultivate wetlands, since a larger part of Kole district is surrounded by wetlands.

Kole district woman MP Judith Alyek said she will work with other leaders of the district to ensure locals are allowed to cultivate wetlands.

Kole district measures 2,847 Square Kilometers but 9% of the district comprises of wetlands, 15% forest, and 75% farmland.

Acceding to ministry of water and environment, wetland coverage in Uganda has reduced to 11% from 13% due to human activities.

Responding to this, RDC Josephine Omara Olili of Kole said the ban against wetland cultivation was issued by President Museveni and warned that it should be maintained

She pledged to enforce this ban