March 4, 2024

Lira district council resolves to sale off property to support construction of new district  headquarters

Denish Ongora (


Lira district councilors have approved a resolution to sale off the district property in Lira city to support the construction of the new district headquarters in Ogur Sub County.

While reading a report of the production, marketing and natural resources in a council meeting held yesterday, Moses Otim the committee chairperson proposed that the district sales its land in Lira city to finance the construction of the new district headquarters.

The Committee also proposed that part of the funding should go to construction of Erute county headquarters in Amach to support the planned construction of Erute district whose headquarters will be located in Amach town council.

It further proposed that the land hosting the RDC’s offices should be handed over to the office of the president, Lira district chambers should be rented out to boost their revenue.

Lira district speaker Morris Adem Okello put the matter to a vote and 20 councilors voted in affirmative while the rest abstained.

Okii Denis Opio the councilor of Bar Sub County said there is nothing wrong in selling the district land to construct the new district headquarters.

Lira city and Lira district has for long been embroiled in a wrangle over property which were left in Lira city following the upgrade of Lira district to a city status.