June 18, 2024

Boys out-compete girls in PLE

By Denish Ongora (denish.ongora@vol.co.ug)


Uganda National Examination Board –UNEB has threatened to take serious action against people implicated in examination malpractice.

Some 10 people have been arrested and remanded in Mukono, Gomba, Mpigi and Masaka districts over involvement in examination malpractice.

UNEB board chairperson Mary Okwakol while speaking at the release of the PLE results at state house Nakasero, Kampala, said once proven guilty, people involved in examination malpractice will be jailed for five years as stipulated in the UNEB Act 2021 while results of the candidates involved in examination malpractice will also be withheld.

Executive director of Uganda National Examination Board Dan N. Odongo said pupils on Universal Primary Education system in urban schools performed better that those in rural areas.

In Lira city;Lira Central, had 121 students in DIV I, 14, DIV II, VH Public school 59 in Div. 161 in Div 2. 5 in D3, Lira junior school –Lira city West; 8 in Division I, 13 division II,1 division four, Mama Joven –Anai –Lira City East; 5 in division one, 5 in division two, Ajania Primary School-Lira City East; 16 in division one, 5 in division two , Adyel primary school –Lira city West; 67 in division one, 52 division two, Bar-apwo primary school-Lira city west; 54 division one, 143 division two, 12 division three, 6 division four, and one failed.

At Saving Grace nursery  and primary school-Lira city west; Division all the 56 candidates passed in division one, Mantle Day and Boarding Primary school-Lira city East; 136 in division one, 7 in division two, Milyer Primary School-Kakoge; 35 division one, 5 division two,Buluge Primary school Bar 5 are in Div 2, 33, Div 3.

In Kole district; Akalo Comprehensive primary school; 12 were in division one, 8 division two, Sardis Nursery and Boarding primary – Barilwa –Akalo Town council; 14 division one, 33 division two, 2 division three, 1 Division four

In Apac Municipality; Division 1= 60 pupils, Girls 31 and boys 29, Division 2=310 pupils, Girls 159 and 115 Boys, Division 3 =96 pupils, Girls 54 and 42 Boys, Division 4.=68 pupils, Girls 34 and Boys 34, Division U=55 pupils, Girls 30 and Boys 25, Division X=3 pupils.

In  Dokolo District; Alwitmac primary school,  Dokolo town council, D1 04, D2 28, D3 14, D4 25 out of 71 registered candidates, The grace nursery and primary school, Agwata town council, D1 87, D2 11 out of 98 candidates.

Acokono St Mary’s Nursery and primary school, Dokolo town council, D1 24 , D2 6 out of 30 candidates, Dokolo Central Nursery and primary school, D1 12, D2 23 , out of 35 candidates.