April 15, 2024

Council of Owitong approves 21 resolutions of re-conciliatory meeting to unite Lango cultural leaders

Council meeting of Owitong held at Lango cultural center on the 7th/Nov/2023

By Bonny Otim Ogwal (bonny.otim@vol.co.ug)


A joint council of owitong of Lango Council yesterday approved 21 resolutions of a re-conciliatory meeting held at Margarita Palace Hotel which will be used as a working document to reconcile clan leaders aligned to the Won Nyaci Yosam Odur Ebiir and Eng. Dr Micheal Moses Odongo Okune of Tekwaro Lango.

The resolutions were read by Benson Taiwo the clan leader of Ocukuru Amola at a council meeting held at Lango Cultural Center and was approved by 130 clan heads in attendance.

The resolutions include; clan heads reconciling and working together, Tekwaro Lango leader Odongo Okune humbles down for the sake of peace to prevail, a new paramount chief is elected early to allow wonyaci Yosam Odur Ebii present him to the public before he finally leaves power.

Others are; increasing number of members of electoral commission from five to eight, increasing the number of council of elders from 15 to 21, reviewing the constitution to allow the candidates vying for position of Lango paramount chief to be aged 55 to 75 but not 60 to 80, no new clan will be formed in Lango, merging some clans, organizing prayers for the clan heads among others.

The clan leader of Omola Acol odyek onywal iceng George Ojwang Opota said he is in support of reconciliation in Lango cultural institution.

Willy Omodo Omodo the clan leader of Pedi Wibye Acel said they are ready to work with all clan heads in Lango.

At the same meeting, seven members of the electoral commission that will preside over election of the new wonyaci were sworn in by lawyer, Posiano Okello to begin work.

They include Tom Otim a former lecturer, Ben Paul Ogwete Otim a retired chief administrative officer, Beatrice Amongi Lagada former Oyam District woman MP, Vincent Innocent Oling, Hamza Okelo and John Elem.

The clan leader of Otengero Olang, lawyer Daniel Omara Atubo advised that an amendment be made to add names of two more people among members of the electoral commission.

Tom Otim pledged to conduct free and fair election for the new wonyaci.

Yesterday the Names of 21 people who will form the council of elders in Lango was also approved.

They are; Tom Ogwal Ekuka, Aneno a retired civil servant, Bishop John Charles Odur kami, Charles Adupa, Tom Odongo Mon Bwonyo, Juvino Akaki Ayumu, Okello Itot, Yeko Odongo Ebong, George Ogwang Alele, Joel Milton Aliro Omara, Ben Wacha, Dr. Okot Alex, Fr.Dr. Francis Omara, Eton Rashid, Lucy Owino, Joyce Otiti, Joan Pacoto, JP Obonyo, Ogwang Atepo and Maimudi Owiny.

Lango Cultural Foundation Benson Walter Dila Oyuku expressed hope that Lango is on the right track to peaceful transition.

Won Nyaci of Lango Mzee Yosam Odur Ebii expressed gratitude about the move by the clan heads to work together under one paramount chief.