June 18, 2024

Two clan leaders express interest to contest for position of Wonyaci of Lango

Patrick Abal on the extreme right

By Denish Ongora (denish.ongora@vol.co.ug)


Arak Ongoda clan leader Patrick Abal has expressed interest to contest for the Wonyaci of Lango expected to be held on the 31/1/2024.

When addressing the youth of Arak Ongoda last week at Lango Qu’ran Primary, Lira City East Division Abal said discussion is ongoing between the clan leaders and some of them are convincing those who have shown interest to step-down in favor of others who are seen to be having an upper hand to win the election.

When his youth asked permission to allow them to campaign for him, he permitted them though he said open campaign is not allowed.

He said the interest of the clan leaders is mainly to end the protracted conflict in the cultural institution of Lango.

Abal who recently participated in the constitutional amendment of Lango Cultural foundation said they want the election to move on smoothly even if it will necessitate delays in order to avoid future issues.

Abal added, he will not complain if he fails to gather enough votes.

The Clan head of Okii Amat Dr. Richard Nam has also expressed interest to contest for the position of Wonyaci of Lango.

According to the report from chairman electoral commission Otim Tom at the council of owitong’s meeting held last week, the election will be conducted on the 31/1/2024 only if they secure enough funds and the authentic lists of voters.