July 21, 2024

Uproar as Lira City Council allocates 195M to construct guard house


By Denish Ongora@vol.co.ug

Lira City.

A section of Lira City councilors are fuming over the decision of Council to use shillings 195M to construct guard house at the main gate of Lira City Council.

The councilors argue that the approved bill of quantity could have been exaggerated to facilitate huge kickbacks to the City council leaders, an allegation the authorities deny.

During the site hand over to Dubai Garden Uganda Limited, a contractor hired to beautify and fence the Mayor’s garden, Mayor of Lira City Sam Atul told the media that the project, if completed will change the face of Lira.

Atul says the City will use shillings 834M for the entire project which also comprises of other components.

In the breakdown of the project components seen by Voice of Lango, landscaping and beautification will take 82M, erecting chain link fence will take 188M mean while constructing guard house will take 195M.

The Speaker of Lira City West Division Daniel Okello in a media conference held on Wednessday at the Mayors’ gardern wondered why the city had allocated a huge chunk of money in guard house construction yet other roads are in very bad shape.

Okello says some roads have been rendered impassable after being destroyed by rains or due to shoddy work executed on them.

Some of the roads include; Okori Olero, Okello Oula, Ober HCIV, corner Kamdini (infront of New Generation), Kirombe and Starch factory, Ireda, Independence Road, Oyam road, Aputi, and Abonyo-otingere among others.

Sara Awor Angweri, the female workers of Lira city who threatened to sue the city authority over irregularities in fencing of the mayors’ garden said this money should have been used to work on roads that are in dilapidated state.

Awor accuses the City officials of taking priorities wrongly adding that the top leaders are only at the City hall to eat but not to give the populace the services they deserve.

Akello Lydia, the councilor of Kirombe to Lira City West expressed fear that some of the politicians may lose the upcoming election due to poor state of roads due for rehabilitation this financial year which include; cuk Ibange, Akony Kori to Kole district border, Anai to King James SS, Onapa, Kole road and Okello Oula in Lira city west.

While responding to the councilors, Lira City Council Spokesperson Robert Okello Ayo says the councilors should look at the type of work being done and not just focus on the amount which has been allocated.

Okello says once the project is fully completed, the councilors will appreciate the City leaders for the decision they took.

Mayor Sam Atul in a separate interview with the media on Wednesday, said the uproar from the councilors will not stop them from executing the project which he says they are doing in the interest of the people of Lira City.

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