June 18, 2024

Industrial park to sit on 50 hectors of land in Kamdini town council

By Denis Okello (denis.okello@vol.co.ug)


The Uganda Investments Authority has agreed to establish an industrial park in Kamdini town council, Oyam district.

Uganda investments authority in the past requested for land for establishing an industrial park in Oyam district and the district leadership offered 100 hectors of titled land in Iceme Sub County and another 50 hectors of land that was being sold by an individual in Kamdini town council.

Oyam district chairman Benson Dila Oyuku said they received a letter from Uganda investments authority indicating that they will use the land in Kamdini town council for establishing the industrial park but not the one in Inceme Sub County.

He said they are ready for the industrial park and any other developments in the district, regardless of where it is established.

In Lango, Uganda Investments Authority has already acquired land in Lira and Dokolo districts for establishing the industrial parks.