June 18, 2024

Future of P.7 Candidates in Alworo P/S hangs in balance over cancellation of exam center number

By Denis Okello (denis.okello@vol.co.ug)


The future of P.7 candidates of Alworo primary school in Amach town council, Lira district hangs in balance after the Uganda National Examinations Board cancelling their examination center number.

This comes after 117 pupils of the school in 2019 failed to sit for PLE after the school authority and some officials of Lira district swindled 3.9 million shillings examination fees contributed by pupils.

Each pupil paid 34,000 shillings for examination fees and the school head teacher Santa Margret Akello reportedly handed over the money to the district inspector of schools Patrick Olwit, who allegedly misused it.

The chairperson school management committee of Alworo primary school Bua Allan Dick said they learnt of the matter adding that since 2019, the school head teacher and Patrick Olwit had remained silent on the same.

Bua said that recently the deputy RDC summoned the school head teacher, Santa Margret Akello, the DEO and Olwit Patrick for a meeting and Olwit claimed that the money was used to facilitate sports activities.

Bua said they have been forced to register their 200 candidates to sit from Akany primary school since their examination center number has been cancelled.

Bua added, they expect to meet Olwit Patrick and the district CAO to further clarify on the matter.

Alworo primary school head teacher Santa Margret Akello declined to comment on the matter.

Patrick Olwit denied reports that the school center number has been cancelled by UNEB.