April 15, 2024

Lango development forum raises Shs 135M shillings for students’ scholarships

By Denis Okello (denis.okello@vol.co.ug)


Lango development forum has raised 135 million shillings to support the education of bright but needy students from Lango at the university.Lango development Forum on Saturday organized an education symposium held at Silver Springs Hotel, Bugolobi –Kampala to raise funds for this noble cause.

Prof. Betty Akullo Ezati the dean of Makerere School of education and external studies called for establishment of more early childhood development centers in Lango to equip children with numeracy and literacy skills at a young age.

Betty Ezati also decried poor performance of schools in Lango which she blames on ill equipment of schools, inadequate teachers to teach learners, low support to schools by parents, late coming among pupils, among others.

Prof. James Acai the chairperson, Lango development forum said that statistics from Uganda Bureau of Statistics show that 90% of students in Lango do not complete secondary school education, a reason why very few of them get employed in top government offices.

Acai said that Lango development forum through its education trust fund plans to sponsor the education of 30 students annually.

Eng. Dr. Christopher Ebal called for the need to strengthen the detoriating educational performance in Lango.

The director general NARO, Dr. Ambrose Agona said people should embrace virtual learning to complement classroom teaching to improve performance of learners.

Bukoli central MP, Solomon Silwany who doubles as commissioner of Parliament and represented guests at the meeting hailed the people of Lango for raising up to support the education of their children as opposed to dwelling on political fights.

Speaker of parliament, Anita Among in her message through MP Silwany said the people of Lango should utilize this opportunity created by Lango development forum to support more children in school.
She contributed 10 million shillings and another 5 million shillings for her portrait with Pope Francis while MP, Solomon Silwany contributed 5 million shillings.

Others who contributed towards this cause include; MP Felix Okot Ogong who contributed 2million, Dr Samuel Opio Acuti, 2 million, youth MP Boniface Okot 1 million, MP Achon Julius 1 million, Dr Andrew Ocero and Dr. Jane 2 million, Dr Ambrose Agona 3 million, Makmot Kibwanga and company advocates 1 million annual contribution, Dr Esther Ogong 1 million, Ambassador Rebecca Amuge Otengo 5 million, Feliesta group of companies 2 million shillings annual contribution, Kole MP, Judith Alyek who doubles as chairperson, Lango parliamentary group contributed 500,000 shillings among others.

MP Felix Okot Ogong who shared the symposium said they raised 135 million shillings at the fundraise

Minister of foreign affairs at Tekwaro Lango Edwin Odur Luru welcomed the development saying it will support the education of more students from Lango.

Dr. Samuel Opio Acuti the general secretary of Lango parliamentary group said the initiative will enable bright but needy students to get access to education