March 4, 2024

Company contracted to upgrade Anyangatir Health center abandons site

By Isaac Okello (


BMK that was contracted by ministry of health to upgrade Anyangatir health III at 1.8 billion shillings has abandoned the project without clear reasons.

Lira City secretary for works and technical services, Eng. Herbert Apita told Voice of Lango FM that the contractor abandoned the site and left without the knowledge of the city authorities.

He said the 18 months contract period for the project had already elapsed by the time the contractor abandoned the site.

Lira City East Division mayor, George Okello Ayo said BMK Company had done less than 60% of the project.

Okello Ayo called for termination of the contract undertaken by BMK Construction Company due to incompetence.

Effort to speak to officials of BMK Construction Company proved futile.