March 4, 2024

Court remands Journalist for defiling 16-year- old girl

By Denis Okello (


The grade one magistrate of Amolatar district on Monday, 17th-April-2023 remanded journalist, Alfonse Odur over defilement of 16 year old minor.

Last week police of Amolatar district arrested Alfonse Odur alias Fege Ege a resident of Amolatar B cell over defilement of 16 year old student of Amolatar secondary school vide SD 30/11/2023.

Odur appeared before the grade one magistrate court of Amolatar Alioni Emmanuel Drajole but was not allowed to take plea since the matter is of capital offense and beyond the jurisdiction of the court.

Alioni said Odur will appear before chief magistrate of Dokolo, Abiti Samson Loum.

On Monday, Kyoga county MP Moses Okot Bitek wrote to the assistant Director of Public Prosecutions for Lango to review a case of defilement against Odur.

Okot Bitek through GEM Advocates wrote to the Director of Public Prosecutions for Lango accusing the OC CID of Amolatar district of bias in handling the case due to political influence.

Okot said Odur has stayed in police cells beyond the legal 48 hours and the suspect did not defile the minor as being alleged.