June 18, 2024

Apac hospital Anesthetist arrested over corruption

By Bonny Otim Ogwal (bonny.otim@vol.co.ug)


Police from Apac Central Police Station yesterday arrested the Anesthetist of Apac General Hospital over corruption after she allegedly received a bribe of 200,000 shillings for surgery of a child suffering from hernia.

Acen Sabina was arrested red handed receiving the money from the parents of the one year old boy, after claiming that the doctor had asked for the money as a pre-condition to operate the child.

The parents of this child while on their way to look for the money met Apac RDC Apac George Abudul to whom they narrated the matter.

RDC Abdul gave them the money which they took to Acen, but she was arrested immediately after receiving it.

Acen is being held at Apac Central Police Station as investigation against her continues.

Apac RDC George Abdul said they have been receiving reports of corruption in government health facility which has compelled them to launch investigation into the same.

Abudul warned health workers against engaging in corruption because they will be arrested and followed with the law.