April 15, 2024

Oyam NRM leaders decline to front Samuel Engola as party flag bearer

Samuel Junior Engola
addressing mourners in Oyam

By Isaac Okello (isaac.okello@vol.co.ug)


The National Resistance Movement-NRM party leaders of Oyam North have said they will not front Samuel Junior Engola, the son to the late Col. Rtd. Patrick Charles Okello Engola as the flag party bearer for Oyam North by-election since he is not a registered member of the party.

The NRM party leaders from Town Councils and Sub Counties of Oyam North made the resolution in a meeting held in Ngai Town Board.

The party leaders also castigated Kwania County MP Tony Ayo who unveiled Junior Engola before mourners at his father’s burial as the candidate to replace his late father as MP for Oyam North.

Tonny Otyek the NRM chairperson of Acaba Sub County said they will not support Engola Junior in the race for Oyam north MP because he is a member of UPC and they are not aware of his defection to NRM party.

Francis Oyuku the NRM party chairman of Abok Sub County proposed that Engola Junior should be summoned and asked on whether he wishes to cross toNRM and if he objects, they will front another person as the party flag bearer in the elections.

Patrick George Odongo Obwoc an NRM supporter from Oyam said the party should front a very competent person to replace Okello Engola.

Agustin Obangakene who has expressed interest to contest in Oyam north by-election warned NRM party leaders from pin pointing the party flag bearer in the election, threatening to contest on independent ticket once a candidate is handpicked.

Junior Engola declined to comment on the matter, as he is still mourning his father.

The vice chairman of the NRM in Oyam District Martin Abila Okello called for calm among the party members as a competent person will be fronted to replace Okello Engola.

Some of the people who have shown interest to contest for Oyam north by- Election include; Junior Engola, Ambassador Julius Peter Moto, Willy Omodo Omodo, Agustine Obangakene among others.

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