February 27, 2024

Amolatar Speaker suspends 6 Councilors over misconduct


By Bonny Otim Ogwal (bonny.otim@vol.co.ug)


Amolatar district local government speaker, Martine Ayonge has suspended 6 councilors over what he termed as gross misconduct.

The councilors according to the Speaker will miss 2 consecutive council and committee sittings.

Announcing the suspension Tuesday evening during the council meeting held at Amolatar district council hall, Ayonge claimed that the suspended councilors acted in total breach of standard rules of procedure by disrupting council business through fighting and use of slanderous words.

The councilors include Olal Bill Dickens who represents Amolatar Town Council, Eryao Morrish of Akwon,Aciro Dorcus female councilor of Amolatar Town Council,Okao Kizito of Agikdak,Orech John who is a male youth representative and Dorcus Akome female councilor representing Agikdak.

On Monday the council meeting which was supposed to approve the draft budget for the financial year 2023/20234 ended in chaos after councilors threw punches at each other in protest over a move by the presiding speaker Martine Ayonge to suspend the councilor of Agikdak Sub County.

The speaker accused Akome of throwing bottled water onto him and tearing the minutes of the previous council meeting.

Speaking to Voice of Lango Wednesday morning one of the suspended councilors, Kizito Okao says he has not yet received the suspension letter hearing it as rumors.

Okao accused the speaker of incompetence and conniving with the district chairperson Geoffrey Ocen to deny them opportunity to raise critical issues affecting their constituents.

Geoffrey Ocen the district chairperson in his response said the some of the councilors always turn up for council business while drunk and that they are being used by one of the top politicians to fight him.

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