April 15, 2024

Five councilors of Lira City West Division suspended from council

By Denish Ongora (denish.ongora@vol.co.ug)


Five councilors of Lira city west division have been suspended.

At the opening of yesterday’s council meeting, speaker of Lira city west division Daniel Okello warned the councilors against political bickering which could affect the development of the division.

Okello accused some councilors of jeopardizing his relationship with the executive to gain from political fights. He also warned civil servants against intrigue.

Okello asked councilors to put aside their differences and work for the electorates who elected them to office.

The acting Lira city west division mayor, Amolo Rose Ongom also called for unity among councilors to support the development of the division.

Otine CP the councilor of Barogole ward, Erico Walter the youth councilor, and Opio John Charles the elderly representative councilor were suspended for two consecutive sittings, for causing chaos at a recent council meeting held at Zeagans Hotel health club on 31/08/2023.

Joyce Akello the female councilor of Ober ward and Sofia Okwanga of Amuca ward were suspended over poor representation of the electorate in council since they have not been debating in council and they will miss one council siting.

Speaker Okello said the suspension is meant to restore sanity in council and to encourage councilors to perform their roles.

At the same council meeting, the health unit management committee of health facilities in Lira city west division was also approved.

At Ober HCIV, Rev. George Okullo Otim was elected as committee chairperson, Barapwo III has Onyuti Tom, Adyel HCIII has Ebong Tobias, Punuluru HCIII has Ogwal Denis as chairperson with five members each.

Lira city West division acting mayor, Amolo Rose Ongom said the names of members of the health unit management was given to her by former late mayor Michael Ogwal Aconga.

Mike Ogwal the councilor of Kakoge ward warned the Health unit management committee against politicking but to perform their laid out roles.