April 15, 2024

Lira City West Division rejects further cuts on council budget

By Denish Ongora (denish.ongora@vol.co.ug)

Lira city west division has rejected a move to reduce the amount of funds used to facilitate council business.

On 20/09/2023, City Town clerk of Lira City Theophilus Tibihika wrote to the division Town Clerk of Lira City West Emmanuel Komakech over misuse of public funds.

The City Town Clerk cited; using more than the funds budgeted for payment of councilors’ allowances, diversion of DDEG funds to finance other activities, lack of accountability of public funds, low revenue collection, illegal collection of revenue at Bus/taxi park among others.

Tibihika tasked Komakech to streamline work and refund the extra funds used in payment of councilors’ allowances.

At a council meeting held at Barapwo, former Lira Sub County headquarters, the acting Mayor of Lira City West Division Amolo Rose Ongom requested for reduction of funds used for payment of councilors’ allowances and for other council business.

Lira city west division used 7.5 million shillings annually on council business, against the required 6 million.

Committee meetings cost 5.4 million, as opposed to 4.3 million, transport cost 64 million, instead of 21 million shillings.

But in a spate of one year, Lira city west division has used 115 million shillings.

However, council rejected a move to revise this amount down to 41.9 million shillings.

Mayor Amolo said the changes are in response to a letter written by the City Town Clerk of Lira city about misuse of public funds.

Councilors argued that they need facilitation to conduct various activities.

The speaker of Lira city west division, Okello Daniel deferred the debate on the matter and asked for an audit report from Lira city council on Lira city west division.