April 15, 2024

Apac Probation officer on the spotlight over alleged absenteeism

By Voice of Lango Editorial (editor@vol.co.ug)  


The Probation officer of Apac district Isaac Okao is on the spotlight over alleged absenteeism.

During a Budget conference of Apac district, Jude Kyobulungi, District Internal Security Officer (DISO) of Apac noted that it was becoming difficult to control influx of street kids in Municipality as well as sensitization of parents on proper upbringing of children due to the absence of a probation officer.

Lidia Awor, Senior Community Development officer of Apac said the community based services department is operating with a host of challenges citing  Chegere and Teboke that is running without CDOs, Probation and social welfare officer.

Geoffrey Okaka a male youth councilor in Apac district council said Probation officer of Apac district Isaac Okao Opio has not been seen in office for the past two years.

Okaka called for action to be taken against Okao.

Canon George Adoko the CAO of Apac asked our reporter to go to his office when we sought his comments on the matter.