March 4, 2024

Anyeke HC IV mortuary attendant arrested for discharging unclaimed body

Handcuffs on fingerprints

By Denish Ongora (


The North Kyoga Police spokesman, SP Jimmy Patrick Okema said the mortuary attendant was arrested for releasing unclaimed body that was taken to the mortuary by police to the family Alaju Caesar who was suspected that the body is for their relative that went missing last week but they later found out that they had taken a wrong body upon reaching home in Bala sub county Oyam district.

Okema added that an untie Alaju Caesar called Adok Anna was also arrested and made to record statements over the matter.

Okema noted that it’s against the law to claim a body that is not well identified at night from the mortuary.

Last evening a body of a man was retrieved from Okole stream in Oyam district and relatives of Caesar Alaju, a former LCIII chairperson of Bala sub county who has disappeared from home thought he had committed suicide by drowning in the stream.

Later in the night they sent some of their relatives to go and pick his body but when the body reached home they realized that they claimed a wronged body hence causing a lot of confusion in the family and members of the public.