April 15, 2024

Trade order ordinance helps curb road crashes in Lira City


By Denish Ongora (denish.ongora@vol.co.ug)

Lira City

Lira city authorities have begun implementing its plans of improving road safety especially in the Central Business District by enforcing a litany of reforms that are intended to curb road crashes.

In coordination with law enforcement officers, Lira city has evicted some of venders who sell commodities along the pavements in some of the streets in the City.

Lira city spokesperson, Robert Okello Ayo said they will evict all the venders and boda bodas from the pavements to ease movement among pedestrians so as to curb possible road crashes.

Okello Ayo said through the trade order, Lira city and police will conduct road safety campaigns during community Barraza.

Lira city is also set to come out with Lira city council, road traffic, street parking and car washing ordinance whose draft has been read once before the city council meeting.

Okello Ayo said they also have in their plan, recruitment of traffic wardens to guide traffic as well as installation of traffic lights.

Recently, Lira city west division council resolved to relocate all heavy trucks to a lorry park along Juba road.

Lira city west division acting mayor Amolo Rose Ongom said the lorry park is now ready to receive the trucks.

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