April 15, 2024

One contestant in Lira university guild race rejects election result, calls for probe

A snippet of the contender’s letter to the university electoral commission

By Ongora Denish (denish.ongora@vol.co.ug) 


One of the contestants in Lira university guild election has rejected the election result.

In his letter to the university electoral commission chairman dated 18/03/2024, Abuka Geoffrey Alex rejected the result of the 6/03/2024 guild election citing grounds such as; intrusion of students portal, breakdown of computers used in the election, and the fact that Abuka was allegedly forced by the university watchman to sign the declaration forms.

Abuka called for a probe into the breakdown of the computer system, arguing that before the breakdown of the computers, he was leading the race but to his surprise, Ayena Moses went on to garner more votes at an exponential rate.

Abuka wants the electoral commission to declare him, winner of the guild election and a probe to be conducted in the election, failure of which the election should be held afresh.

Olang Bismack the chairperson, electoral commission of Lira university by press time said he would study Abuka’s letter and decide accordingly on the way forward with the electoral office.

The guild election was won by Ayena Moses who got 550 votes.

He was closely followed by Abuka Geoffrey Alex with 522 votes,  Awio Kogan followed with 96 votes while Ogwal Paul Duli tailed with 68 votes.