June 18, 2024

UPC says high poverty levels prove people’s future unsecured

By Voice of Lango Editorial


The opposition Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) has said that the high poverty levels among the citizens in the Country is a clear indication that the future of the people of Uganda is totally unsecured.

Addressing a weekly press conference at the party headquarters in Uganda House Wednesday afternoon, UPC Spokesperson Sharon Arach Oyat says a secure Uganda cannot be a reality when the people are limping in poverty.

According to Arach the government poverty alleviation programs like Emyooga, Operation Wealth Creation have all failed.

She says even the youth centered program of Youth Livelihood program for the young people is a total mess adding that the ongoing Parish Development Model (PDM) should be implemented well if it is to achieve its intended purpose.

The party also listed a plethora of problems which the citizens are facing including the decline in social services like education and health, the unfair taxation policies which are over burdening the business community and contributing to the collapse of some businesses amid the weak economy

Arach urged government to refocus its priorities and place the interests of the citizens of Uganda at heart by facilitating establishment of more schools and hospitals as well as ensuring equal access to opportunities.

She says that when peoples needs are attended to it is only when a secure Uganda can be a reality as opposed to what is at hand today.

As the nation commemorates Heroes Day, under the theme “hail our heroes; a secure Uganda is now a reality”, Arach says when the Country reflects back and try to project the future, people will find that we have a long way to go which contradicts with the theme of the day.

On Sunday this week, Uganda will commemorate the Heroes Day and the national celebrations will be held in Gomba District.