May 20, 2024

Police in Lira on spot over whereabout of suspect

Denis Okello (


The family of a suspect who was arrested by police on 10/7/2022 has accused police officers of Lira central police station of stopping them from seeing their son despite reports that he is seriously ill.

Adar Lawrence Brown a resident of Kirombe, I Lira city West division said police together with former Otuke woman MP Sylvia Akello arrested his son Emmanuel Ogwang and he was taken to Lira CPS on allegation of obtaining some money from the former MP fraudulently.

Adar said they have been trying to visit and see their son Ogwang Emmanuel in vain after Akello Sylvia reportedly directed police not allow them access to the suspect.

He said they reported the matter to the Uganda human rights commission and were referred to the deputy regional police commander, North Kyoga from where police directed that they are allowed to see Ogwang but in vain.

Adar said he went to the office of the Officer in charge crime to demand where Ogwang is but was told that he had been transferred to the police regional office.

North Kyoga region police spokesperson Patrick Jimmy Okema said Adar should not use the media to resolve their issues.

But the police spokesperson Fred Enanga blamed north Kyoga police of defying the law that requires that suspects are not kept in police custody beyond the recommended 48 hours.

Enanga said the matter should be handled by police from north Kyoga expeditiously failure of which the top police leadership will take it up for investigation.

He asked Adar to go back to the north Kyoga regional police headquarters to meet the deputy RPC or RPC to handle the matter.

Effort to speak to Akello Sylvia to comment on the matter failed as she did not answer our calls.

Lira RCC Lwarence Egole this morning while speaking on Wimeja program on Voice of Lango FM said Ogwang was transferred to the CID headquarters in Kampala.