April 15, 2024

LCs accused of promoting mob justice

By Rita Alobo (rita.alobo@vol.co.ug)


Police of North Kyoga Region have accused LC1 chairpersons of promoting mob justice.

North Kyoga Regional police spokesperson Jimmy Patrick Okema during a press conference held at the north Kyoga police headquarters yesterday said cases of mob justice has risen in Lango with at least 25 cases registered between January to June 2022.

Okema accused the LC1’s of supporting the vice since in most cases when police is called in to respond to mob violence they find when the suspects have already been murdered and those behind the murders flee the crime scene.

He said apart from this, the LC1’s also refuse to identify the people behind mob justice to help police in investigating the same.

However some of the LC1s who spoke to Voice of Lango denied being in support of mob justice, saying that in most cases police delays to respond when called to rescue suspects who end up being killed by the mob.

About the Fufa drum tournament for Lango province which starts this Saturday, Okema said police is on standby to provide security and asked people who will attend the matches to maintain discipline.