June 18, 2024

Government to develop Kangai town council

Denis Okello (denis.okello@vol.co.ug)


Ministry of Trade, tourism and industries has started the process of developing Kangai town council where the former King of Buganda Kabaka Mwanga II as and former Bunyoro-Kitara King Omukama John Chwa Kabaleega were arrested as they fled the British administrators in 1899.

Government also plans to develop Komora in Dokolo Sub County where the two kings are thought to have settled temporarily before they were finally arrested.

Recently leaders of tekwaro Lango led by minister of tourism  Sam Okeng visited Kangai and made a call to government to develop the area as a tourist site, and a similar call was made by the district leaders.

On Wednesday, a researcher from ministry of tourism Ngangeyu Eunice met Dokolo district leaders to update the public on government’s plans to develop the tourist sites.

Ngangeyu said they have contracted Alvin and partners to survey area and get its land titles to allow government to develop the sites.

Rajab Epila the natural resource officer, Dokolo district said councilors of Kangai town council and Dokolo district should sit and authorize the ministry of tourism to acquire land for the project through the district Land board.

Epila asked the district CAO to use the services of a land board from another district to acquire the land since Dokolo district does not have a functional land board.

Dokolo Principal Assistant Secretary Mwima Rebecca asked the leaders of Kangai to speed up the process of getting documents for the land to allow government to begin developing the tourist sites.