June 18, 2024

Former Lira district chairman advises new city leaders on smart performance

By Denis Okello (denis.okello@vol.co.ug)


Former Lira district chairman Alex Oremo Alot wants Lira city council leaders and other leaders in Lango to summon former district leaders to offer guidance to the current leaders in relation to land issues.

Oremo said he was dismayed with recent reports about an ongoing investigation by the State House anti-corruption unit into the sale of part of Lira mayor’s garden land.

The State House anti-corruption unit has been investigating some of the leaders of Lira city council and Lira district over the sale of plot 2, Isaza Ogwang guzi road which is part of the mayor’s garden.

Oremo Alot said during his tenure as Lira district chairman, they never harbored any motive of selling Lira mayors garden land and expressed disappointment with the developments happening at Lira city council pertaining to sale of public land.

He said some leaders in Lango like MPs Cecilia Ogwal and Felix Okot Ogong pledged to protect Lira mayor’s garden land when the past leaders tried to sell part of the land but Cecilia Ogwal ran to court to stop the same.

Oremo denied reports that many public land had been sold during his term of office but he said he was able to secure documents for land including; Ireda Housing estate, Aler, and the district headquarters among others.

He asked the former leaders to come out to condemn the unnecessary sale of public land in Lira city.