June 18, 2024

Lira city division speakers call for negotiations between Lira city and district leaders

By Denish Ongora (denish.ongora@vol.cco.ug)


The speakers of Lira city west and east division have called for negotiation between Lira district and the city leaders following wrangles over ownership of property.

Okello Daniel Allan the speaker of Lira city west division asked Lira city leaders to meet their counterparts of Lira district to discuss their grievances and make proposals on how the property should be shared.

He said Lira city leaders are riding on support from some people in the government, a reason they are not respecting leaders of Lira district.

Okello denied claims that the speakers of Lira city divisions were bribed by Lira district leaders to fight Lira city leaders.

Daniel Alyela the speaker of Lira city east said the wrangle over property between the two administrative units can only be resolved through negotiation.

In a meeting convened on Friday to discuss the pending institution of the area land committee held at Lira city community hall, Lira city East division finance secretary, Charles Opio Olol asked Minister Dr. Aceng to advise the mayor Sam Atul to stop altercation with Lira district leaders.

Opio Olol said Lira district brought about the creation of Lira city and deserves respect. He said leaders of the duo administrative units ought to unite for their development.

Lira district vice chairman Bonny Omara has welcomed the move to hold negotiation with the city leaders.

Lira city mayor, Sam Atul said he can only accept negotiation with Lira district if they avail a list of property they will hand over to Lira city to support its development.

Lira district has approved a resolution to sale off their property within Lira city to support the construction of a new headquarter in Ogur and the headquarters of the proposed Erute district in Amach.

They also plan to hand over the offices of the RDC to the office of the president, rent off the district chambers and handover land hosting schools, health facilities to Lira city.